Friday 27 August 2021

Ground Up

It has always been obvious that Jeremy Corbyn was going to be the star speaker at The World Transformed. While he lives, then who else is that ever going to be? In this and all subsequent years, The World Transformed is going to be bigger than the Labour Party Conference. Like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, it has become the point.

If Corbyn were not on the bill either at next year's Tolpuddle Festival or at next year's Durham Miners' Gala, then there would have to be events that weekend in Tolpuddle or in Durham at which he was indeed the main attraction. Now that I say that, then it, too, is obvious. So obvious, in fact, that it is no doubt already being pursued.


  1. Hopefully we and the US hit the cowardly terrorists who bombed it’s soldiers and our civilians hard.

    1. And if you expect that, or anything remotely like it.

  2. I really hope we do get a Gala with Jeremy, he'd draw a much bigger crowd than any official Starmerfest. You're right, TWT is now the main event, it's "Conference" that's the sideshow.