Saturday 21 August 2021

The Cross and The Gallows

It has now been defeated by those at the very farthest extreme from its own position, so good riddance to liberal interventionism.

Wars are the mercifully rare necessity of killing other people to stop them from killing us. If you want people to be good, then preach the Gospel. The possibility of martyrdom is itself integral to the Gospel. Take up your cross, and follow Him.

For the complete catastrophe of the 20 year war in Afghanistan, Tony Blair deserves a custodial sentence of 20 years, meaning 10 under ordinary circumstances followed by 10 on licence, or perhaps five followed by five on a tag and then 10 on licence, although that would seem a little lenient for mass murder and for the misappropriation of £22 billion from the public purse.

I may have done only three months in prison, but it is worth mentioning that I never met anyone in there who was in his seventies, and that the few men in their sixties had lived lives very much less cosy than Blair's. Blair is 68. Take him down.