Friday 20 August 2021

They'll Always Have Britain

We on the Left "dislike our own country" compared to whom, exactly? The NHS has consistently been Britain's most beloved institution throughout the whole of living political memory. No one under 80 can remember Britain without ethnic diversity. And so on.

It is almost the whole of the Right, including the whole of Keir Starmer's Labour Right, that absolutely hates Britain, to the point of supporting any war that might happen to be ordered up by America, or by Israel, or by Saudi Arabia. It now wants to stay in such a war even after America has rightly cut and run.

Having lost their own country and every one of the numerous others that they have attempted to conquer by force, the American neoconservatives and "liberal interventionists" will always have Britain, whether the British people liked it or not. We are not allowed the viable option of voting for anything else.

At least two of the political parties that now governed Israel would be illegal in Britain on grounds of "anti-Semitism". They would be subject to censure by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and Starmer's Crown Prosecution Service would find some way of prosecuting them.

Starmer's party is unique in the world in that you officially cannot join it without the approval of an agent of the previous Israeli Government, which has been rejected by its own electorate. Benjamin Netanyahu may one day die in London, because he would never, ever be extradited from it. The Irgun and the Lehi may one day lose Israel. But they will always have Britain.

They are not the only ones. If the Gulf monarchs were overthrown, then they would take up residence at their London palaces and their country estates, and carry on as if nothing had happened. The House of Thani may one day no longer be able to host the Taliban in Doha, but they will always be able to do so in Mayfair. Those financiers and directors of Islamist terrorism, the House of Saud, may one day cease to have a country named after them. But they will always have Britain.


  1. Sadly true, they'll be running Britain long after their own people have kicked them out.

    1. From their luxurious London "exile", and from their bought and paid for Oxbridge sinecures. It has already started.