Thursday 19 August 2021

Belt and Bracing

A glorious Gurkha victory is in sight, no thanks to an Official Opposition that wishes to restore the Government that screwed over the Gurkhas the last time. You know, the Government that also launched the catastrophic war in Afghanistan, under a Prime Minister whose name has not been mentioned at all this week. Say his name. Tony Blair. Tony Blair. Tony Blair.

Let China have Afghanistan's lithium. We have our own, especially in Cornwall, as well as elsewhere in the West Country, together with some in Scotland. There may be more. All part of the all-of-the-above energy policy based around nuclear power and this country's vast reserves of coal, and making possible, among other things, an all-of-the-above transport policy, plus electricity free at the point of use up to really quite a high level of usage, with only a nominal charge thereafter. This is why we have a State.

As for the Belt and Road, we ought to be on it. That has nothing to do with liking the present regime in China. Does the Polish Government like that regime? But it recognises, as should we, that if you are not at the table, then you are on the menu, and that if you are not on the bus, then you are under it.


  1. You are a great unsung prophet, your way with the young is the last hope for when we're all very old or dead.

    1. That is what makes me a "safeguarding risk". And proud to be so.