Friday 27 August 2021

Webbe Sight

In July 1992, a Conservative Government with a far smaller majority than the present one's, and whose majority had in fact only just been cut to the bone at a General Election, removed one of its MPs, Nicholas Winterton, as Chairman of the Health Select Committee. He had used that position to criticise health policy outspokenly.

It would therefore be perfectly possible for this Government to remove Tom Tugendhat from the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee. And replace him with whom? For the pleasure of how much it would annoy the Official Opposition, Graham Stringer is already one of that Committee's members, but another name on that list leaps out. Step forward, Claudia Webbe. She has always supported withdrawal from Afghanistan, and that is now Government policy.


  1. An outstanding idea.

    1. Thank you. Is even Johnson this much of a chancer? I do hope so.