Monday 23 August 2021

Forcing The Issue

There will always have to be some, little more than token, provision to deter or repel it, but an invasion of the United Kingdom has always been wildly unlikely. During the Second World War, the German Naval High Command threatened to resign en bloc if ordered to attempt one, because they knew that it simply could not have been done.

Liberal interventionism died last week, having been comprehensively defeated by the people in the world farthest from its position and against whom it had been fighting its longest war. Yet without that, then why does this luckily unconquerable country have almost any Armed Forces? What are they for? Why would anyone now join them? In order to do what, exactly? These questions are in no way rhetorical.


  1. Covid relief and that sort of thing?

    1. Following crash courses from people who had been training in them for years. Why not just join those outfits? People will. They already do.

      There will still have to be a tiny number of very advanced specialists in things like cyberwarfare. And a maritime island nation will always need something of a Navy. But PBI? As a genuine question, what for?