Friday 20 August 2021

Film School

Five years ago, George Galloway's superlative The Killing$ of Tony Blair was given a 15 rating, but then, although there would have been and were some, very few people below that age would have had much interest in its content.

This year, however, George's Killing Kelly has been given the 18 rating that, for good or ill, is now extremely rare even for the most violent or sexually explicit feature films, never mind for a political documentary.

The only possible reason for this is to stop it from being shown, as it ought to be, in Sixth Forms. Even the Sixth Forms of the commercial schools that George addresses regularly, having been well and truly no-platformed avant la lettre by the state school fiefdoms of the right-wing Labour machine in local government.

Still, even if it did have to be ridiculously late at night, either or both of RT and GB News ought to broadcast Killing Kelly. When will they? And here's to George's eventual film about Afghanistan.