Monday 4 March 2013

City Limits

There may appear to be an incurable narcissism of small differences, or even of no difference, between the two weird little sects that deny the legitimacy of any and every Prime Minister since 1990, and who ignore the actual record of the one who left office in that year. But the impending elections to the Court of Common Council of the City of London ought to disabuse one of any such notion.

It has always been known and publicly acknowledged that the "Independent" candidates who massively dominated that jaw-dropping poll, in which foreign corporations have more votes than Her Majesty's resident subjects whom she may not even visit without special permission, have been Conservative Party activists.

But things are now more complicated than that. UKIP and the Conservatives function as one party in order to stuff, well, pretty much everyone, really. The sovereignty of the United Kingdom and of her Parliament obviously cannot be permitted to extend too far. For example, into the City of London.

Moreover, the UKIP and Conservative figures involved are closely associated with the Young Britons' Foundation, a self-styled madrassa with very close ties to the American neoconservatives, who are not even in office in their own country, and to the secular Israeli Far Right, which most unfortunately is.

UKIP's definition of "United Kingdom Independence" seems highly questionable, and not for the first time. As questionable, in fact, as the meaning of "Britons" to the Young Britons' Foundation.

However, there will be Labour candidates, closely associated with Bryn Phillips, a Blue Labour stalwart. Reform of the City is a key Blue Labour aim, not least because someone like Bryn understands the importance of preserving the pageantry and the charity, and of framing this whole debate, entirely correctly, in terms of patriotic defence of the sovereignty of Parliament and of the dignity of the Queen.

Meanwhile, Arthur Scargill does live in the Barbican. Hope springs eternal.


  1. My, oh my, I know the British have a reputation for self-hate.

    Only Britain could have a financial services industry that is the rival of wall Street, and the envy of Europe, (through which most of Europe's financial transactions pass), and yet consistently seek to undermine and abolish it.

    British people love to denigrate their own successes, but since our manufacturing industry died, financial services are one of the few international success stories we have.

    As for Mr Lindsay's closing suggestion.

    Labour, (the party who came fourth represented by a vile, anti-British comedian in Eastleigh) and the party that wants us to surrender to a federal European superstate,are the party for British patriots?

    I don't know how hard we are all supposed to laugh.

    Your a natural comedian, Lindsay. Your in the wrong job.

  2. the rival of wall Street

    Whoopee! In fact, as if Wall Street were not bad enough, the City is its tax haven, on our soil but beyond our laws.

    the envy of Europe

    The tragedy is that you really do believe that.

    since our manufacturing industry died

    It didn't "die", as if of natural causes. Thatcher and the deregulated City murdered it.

    financial services are one of the few international success stories we have

    I shudder to think what you imagine that an international failure would look like.


    It comes as no surprise to me that you imagine the United Kingdom to subsist purely and simply in the person of Margaret Thatcher. You people are not just a sect, but a cult.

    surrender to a federal European superstate

    Thatcher did that in 1986. Two years after the Brighton Bomb, one cannot help noting.