Sunday 24 March 2013

A Nasty Piece of Work

Boris Johnson has had it all his own way for far too long.

As much as anything else, you can be a National Treasure, or you can be a serious politician, but you cannot be both, at least not at the same time.

Johnson, as we ought more appropriately to refer to him rather than indulge in this silly and sinister practice of always referring to him by his slightly exotic middle name, is not really a National Treasure.

Consider what would happen if a group of boys on a council estate, the same age as Oxford undergraduates, formed themselves into an organisation - complete with a name, a uniform, officers and a membership list - specifically for the purpose of becoming drunk and disorderly before committing criminal damage and even assault.

They would rightly be sent to prison. Whereas Johnson, Mayor of London and aspirant Prime Minister, still greets other members of his such organisation with a cry of "Buller! Buller! Buller!"

But nor is he in any sense a serious politician; he has no discernible political conviction whatever. Yet such is the only member of the Conservative Party to have won any major election in a generation, since as long ago as 1992.

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