Wednesday 27 March 2013

Sandancing In The Street Tonight

I am delighted that a torturer is leaving Parliament. Very good riddance indeed.

Merely an incompetent Schools Minister, he was a morally reprehensible Foreign Secretary. Now, he seems to be off to oppose the very policies that he once pursued.

As Head of the Downing Street Policy Unit under Tony Blair, David Miliband devised the whole of the Coalition programme and more. But he, Blair and Alastair Campbell could never get a lot of it past Gordon Brown, Ed Balls and Ed Miliband.

This is the night when Blairism finally died as a force within the Labour Party. Had it happened before the workfare abstention, then that obscenity might never have been uttered.

Liam Byrne can now be sacked without any fear that he will participate in any kind of pro-cuts, war-with-everywhere insurgency, since such an insurgency is now impossible. Its previously potential participants can and must be deselected forthwith. It is not as if there are very many of them, anyway.

Now, to the business of the South Shields by-election. They'll have someone lined up, of course. Yes, already. But those of you who remain Labour Party members, get your CVs in. Give them a run for their money.


  1. You have been saying on here ever since the leadership result that he was "most unlikely to contest the 2015 Election", looks like you were right.

  2. So will you be standing as an independent?

  3. No. I'll stand where ask me to, once I've put in two years of fundraising. As, if they want me, they will also have done.

  4. Shorter David Lindsay: no, I'm too frit.

  5. "No, I'm too busy. Life goes on. I could, however, find my way to it in two year's time, if anyone wanted me, and if I and they between us had raised enough money to have a proper go at at.

    I'm also too ill, as I was in 2010. More so, in fact: I have something else as well now. But I am potentially past caring about all of that.

  6. You won 2010 anyway, you beat Emily's List and the Northern Cross to get old Irish Consett, old Recusant Esh and Ushaw College a sound Catholic MP after all.