Tuesday 19 March 2013

If Not Mugabe, Then Why Modi?

The Vatican must of course remain open Robert Mugabe, who might have been making his way there to repent. Who can have known that that was not his intention? Or that it will not be his intention next time, since he does turn up there quite a bit?

Mugabe was educated by the Jesuits, who are still strong in Zimbabwe, where they are now very active in the opposition to him, just as they were in the opposition to Ian Smith. Who knows what connection this Pope might be able to make with him? Stranger things have happened.

As for his EU travel ban, another applies to the pogrom-mongering Hindu nationalist Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, to whom the British High Commissioner recently paid court on the express instruction of David Cameron.

At least the Pope has never done anything remotely like that.

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