Sunday 24 March 2013

A Sorry Lot

Of course Israel has made up with Turkey. This very morning, the Israeli Defence Force fired a missile at a Syrian military post. In support of the Islamist insurrection in that country. An insurrection at once assisted and incited by the invading forces of Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and Wahhabi Qatar. And by the invading forces of Islamist, NATO, putatively EU Turkey.

One of the most pernicious lies in all of geopolitics is that Israel is any sort of bulwark against Islamism. In point of fact, be born into certain ethnic minorities within Israel’s 1948 borders, and you are automatically subject to Sharia law. Far more people ought to know that than do. Waving his Menorah passport and with the name of that State in the name of his organisation, Raed Salah obviously knows it very well indeed.

Israel’s Sharia courts are those of the State of Israel. Their rulings in relation to those born under their jurisdiction are the law of the land, and their judges are appointed and paid by that State. By contrast, although Israel treats family law rulings by entirely private Christian religious courts as a fait accompli, that is as far as any relationship goes. No wonder that Salah is such a proud and happy Israeli.

He is not the only one. He was previously the Mayor of Umm al-Fahm, a 100 per cent Arab and 99.7 per cent Muslim city which has been run by his Islamic Movement for many years and where 83 per cent of the population recently voted against transfer to Palestinian jurisdiction. If you want to be the Islamic Movement’s fiefdom, then Israel will let you be it, and will even pay your bills.

The Knesset includes Ibrahim Sarsur, who campaigns for Jerusalem to be made the capital of the Caliphate. His oath of office, an explicit pledge of allegiance to the State of Israel, clearly does not preclude the furtherance of that objective, which is inconceivable on the part of any member of a British, French, Dutch or other Parliament in Europe even now where either Jerusalem, or his or her own capital, was concerned.

But then, look at the governing coalition in Israel. If any other country had a government members of which wished to denaturalise both the ancient indigenous Christians and the ultra-Orthodox Jews, while others around the Cabinet table held that every ethnic group apart from their own had been created as beasts of burden, then that country would rightly be treated as a pariah.

The insurrectionists within, and the invaders from without, Syria at present merely aspire to purge the place of, among but first among other people, the ancient indigenous Christians, the founders and stalwarts of Arabism. Whereas the State of Israel was founded on the bloody mass expulsion of the ancient indigenous Christians, the founders and stalwarts of Arabism in general and of the modern concept of Filastin in particular, as long ago as 1948, after the British had been bombed out by the inventors of modern terrorism, to whose victims no memorial is suffered to exist anywhere on earth.

And the NATO, putatively EU Republic of Turkey was founded on the bloody mass expulsion of not one but two ancient indigenous Christian peoples, one a section of the people that founded Western civilisation and the other a section of the first entire people ever to embrace the Gospel, as long ago as 1923. The only two political forces of any importance there are that historically dominant secular ultranationalism, and the presently dominant Islamism. Very much like the two forces represented in the Government of Israel. Like anyone else, they know their own.

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