Wednesday 20 March 2013

Satire Calls In The Bailiffs

Hat-tip to Richard Murphy for noticing this.

It appears that a representative from Wonga is speaking at a Labour Policy Review meeting on household debt.

Here is the email:
“Monday 13 May
How should we deal with household indebtedness? 4.30-6pm Committee room 6
Speakers. Chris Pond (Chairman, Equity Release Council), Mark Lyonette (Chief Executive Association of British Credit Unions), representative from Wonga Chair. Chris Leslie MP (Shadow Financial Secretary to the Treasury)
If you would like to attend please email with subject header DEBT
Labour Policy Review organised with Labour Finance and Industry Group and Labour in the City”
Yes, that is the same Wonga that has a headline annual interest rate of more than 4,200 per cent.

Whatever next? Advice from McDonald’s on healthy eating?

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  1. We live in a strange world, all I can assume is that Labour are out of cash (just like everyone else)

    I wrote about the same thing last month :)