Tuesday 19 March 2013

Truss Off

Listening to Dirty Betty Truss, the anti-marriage and anti-monarchist future of the Conservative Party, is not at all like listening to a woman in her thirties.

It is like listening to a certain type of tiresome fresher girl who, mostly because Daddy has furnished her with an income comparable to a professional salary, imagines that she is that age and expects to be treated accordingly. Are all the 2010 intake of Conservative women like that?

It used to be the pride of Social Democratic and Christian Democratic West Germany that matters were carefully arranged to ensure that mothers did not need to go out to work.

Unlike in East Germany, where they were conscripted into the labour force and where their tiny tots were duly put into institutions suspiciously similar to Sure Start.

Not only in this regard, the Surveillance State of Bloc Party Britain seems to want to be East Germany rather than West Germany. Mr Miliband, tear down this Wall.

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