Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Of That Stamp

It is now possible to walk from Land's End to the Scottish Border without ever leaving an area where the Police were investigating electoral fraud by the party whose Leader was the Prime Minister.

Likewise, the American Democratic Party runs the high risk of nominating a Presidential candidate who was subject to an FBI investigation for federal felonies that compromised national security.

Only political collusion could prevent Clinton's indictment before the Convention. Only political collusion can have prevented it up to now.

The dream would be that indictment on the same day as the publication of the Chilcot Report. The reaction of The Guardian and the BBC would be priceless.

Donald Trump's wildly impractical schemes are at least harmless, and four years of him would turn the Democratic Party into a force for equality and peace.

But why wait for that?

It can become that force next month. There remains a candidate of that stamp. And he is not subject to an FBI investigation.

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