Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Contested Convention, Indeed

Most superdelegates owe their positions to what are now largely, and increasingly, pro-Sanders local parties. They are like Labour MPs.

Either President Sanders will be inaugurated in 2017, or a President from within the Sanders movement, perhaps never politically active before this year, will be inaugurated in 2021 in succession to President Trump.

Trump, at least one of whose own party's Senators has just unendorsed him. Yet who would still beat Clinton. But not Sanders.


  1. Love that comparison of superdelegates to Bitterite MPs, having to keep the newly enthused base happy. You are right, there will be Bernie as POTUS this time or someone he brought into politics as POTUS next time. Question is whether people are prepared to endure four years of Trump.

    1. Some people always have to endure rather less than others.