Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Vindicated By Events

If this appears in the papers at all, then it will be this morning:

The achievements of the Blair and Brown Governments were fully supported by all members of the present Shadow Cabinet.

Some of them opposed other aspects of those Governments’ programmes. That opposition has been vindicated by events. 

Jeremy Corbyn has brought world class economists into the British political debate for the first time in 35 years.

He has ended the hegemony of neoconservative foreign policy. He has forced the media to include the left-wing critique of the European Union.

He has broken the silence around the “renewal” of Trident, which was not discussed in England at the 2015 General Election.

He has exposed this Prime Minister’s ties to Saudi Arabia, the centre of global terrorism.

Under any of last year’s other Leadership candidates, Labour would not have opposed the cuts that have caused Iain Duncan Smith to resign.

Tom Watson’s Deputy Leadership makes Corbyn’s a balanced ticket.

Corbyn’s Britain would be a significant counterweight to the America of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton or, although he is the best of the bunch, Bernie Sanders.

With the SNP expected to win most of the constituency seats at Holyrood, all opponents of any one or more of George Osborne’s failed austerity programme, of neoconservative wars, of Trident, and of the Saudi regime, ought to give Labour their list votes.

The Labour lead in Wales is welcome, and a riposte to Lynton Crosby’s propaganda.

At the English local elections, now that the Liberal Democrats have collapsed, Labour is the only way to vote against cuts to jobs, services and amenities.

George Galloway’s mainstream social democratic programme deserves Londoners’ first preference votes. Anyone else who became Mayor must owe that to Galloway’s second preferences.

With Labour likely to do very well for the London Assembly’s constituencies, list votes need to be cast for Respect.

It was written before George confirmed what some of us had long predicted, that he would be contesting the Tooting by-election in the event of Sadiq Khan’s becoming Mayor.

As, therefore, will Nick Cohen. Won’t he? If not, why not?

And remember, George’s name is not included in the opinion polls. Follow the bookies instead.

The need to engage with his policy proposals was set out in my most recent article for the Huffington Post

Why have I written nothing for it in over a fortnight? Well, one is rather spoilt for choice at the moment. But I shall be back there soon enough.


  1. It's appeared in the Independent.


    1. Very many thanks. I am still getting used to how quickly that moves, now that it is no longer in print.