Friday, 29 April 2016

Justice For The 26

Meaning prison.

One week before elections of one kind or another on every inch of the United Kingdom, the Police are preparing to prosecute 26 Conservative MPs who won their seats by cheating.

That is more than double the Government's majority.

That is the news. Why is there any other? Never mind the antics of a retired politician with a little-heard radio phone-in?

The BBC spent 27 years not broadcasting the footage the proved the truth about Hillsborough. It directly faked the television coverage of Orgreave, which is next.

And now, this.

If the Government wanted to privatise the BBC, then why should the Left object? What has it ever done for us?


  1. The ramifications of what is coming over Orgreave are mind-blowing. Dozens of old coppers heading to clink. Scores of them, and they won't be the only ones. The truth about the miners' strike is possibly still enough to destroy the Tory party.

    But first up, David Duckenfield, the only man in Britain found by a jury to have killed 96 people. If you have two bullets, which of him and Kelvin MacKenzie should you shoot first? Duckenfield. Business before pleasure.

    1. Two dozen Tory MPs heading to the clink ought to be enough for that party to destroy itself all on its own. But will Auntie tell us that it had happened?