Saturday, 30 April 2016

Mind To It

Imagine that Jeremy Corbyn were removed as Labour Leader by the Hard Right that seems to have taken over the Parliamentary Labour Party when no one was paying attention.

In that event, enough local candidates would arise spontaneously that the net result would be a doubling, and perhaps even a trebling, of the Conservative majority.

Some of them, some of us, might even be elected. All that you need to be is the First Past The Post.

Naz Shah made it into Parliament. As did each and all of this week's Hard Right hysterics, from John Mann up the food chain.

Liz Truss is in the Cabinet; as ever, give that a moment to sink in. Matt Hancock hovers on the edge of it.

So we could do it, if we put our minds to it. I for one certainly would put my mind to it.

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