Thursday, 21 April 2016

Sounding The Last Trump

If Donald Trump is really anything other than the hawkiest of the hawks, then why is he being supported by Rudy Giuliani?

The people who are voting for Trump think that he is going to nuke Mexico. That is why they are voting for him.

John Kasich would make a better President than Hillary Clinton, as might whoever the GOP had drafted on the second round of voting at the Convention. Of course, that person might be Kasich.

Short of a Sanders nomination, an at least relatively acceptable Republican nominee is the last hope.


  1. He's certainly the least hawkish of the candidates-or why is Pat Buchanan supporting him?

    His statements are what matter. He's the only candidate in 40 years to reject NATO and even the US presence in the Pacific.

    Bernie Sanders would be an utter disaster. He supports granting full citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants.

    1. Trump is against NATO for all the wrong reasons. He just wants America to shoot up the world on its own. Or, at the very least, that is what his voters think that they are voting for.