Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Hidden Treasure

Britain's Treasure Islands is a nice enough nature programme, even if it is slightly middlebrow for BBC Four.

But it adhered to the golden rule that, while hundreds of St Helenians live on the Falkland Islands, only white faces are allowed when the place is shown on British television.

Just as only the modern Southern English accents that those faces' owners inexplicably own are allowed to be heard.

What a happy coincidence that it was being filmed in Port Stanley while the referendum was on. Anyone would think that the whole series had been organised around that event.

How lovely for them, to have had their nice, white referendum.

Any chance of anything remotely like that for the Chagossians, whom last week's instalment described as "resettled"? The Americans' lease is up this year.

After the different treatment of the Chagos Islands and Falkland Islands, I never want to hear another word about "the left-wing BBC".

University made me working-class, which I had had no sense whatever of being before then.

The racist New Labour of Tony Blair and Hilary Armstrong gave me a Black Consciousness at which I would have laughed knowingly, and did.

And the BBC does a very good job of reinforcing them both.

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