Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Bloodsoaked Broadcasting Corporation

The BBC was filming the match at Hillsborough. So how did the lies ever take hold?

But remember, we must protect the BBC from any and all criticism, and especially from the proposed changes to its structure, both managerial and editorial.

Heaven forfend that we might instead propose permanent representation for the Left, including the working-class and ethnic minority Left, in return for permanent Tory representation even under a Corbyn Government.

What have the Liberal Establishment and its broadcaster ever done for us? They have spent 27 years not broadcasting the footage that proved the unlawful killing of 96 of what were, at least broadly, our people.

In so doing, they spent 24 of those years, until her death, protecting our greatest enemy in living memory from the criminal prosecution that ought to have been her due.

I want there to be a BBC. But I am sure as hell not going to die in a ditch for this one.

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  1. Just now 5.30pm on BBC news 24 the reporter misleadingly stated that this is pretty much the end of the process, this is far from the truth and the BBC reporter knows this, senior police officers being held to account, prosecuted and jailed is what is still to come.

    The press especially the Murdoch press were complicit in the cover-up 27 years ago. Even now people have to remain on their guard over the partisan press.