Thursday, 28 April 2016

Nervous of the Strength

Do we think that John Mann has ever read Mein Kampf? He puts the "lower" into "lower middle class".

Like most of those who are openly attempting to stage a coup against Jeremy Corbyn in order to save their own seats from, horror of horrors, members of the Labour Party who are neither extremely few in number nor extremely advanced in age.

I write this as someone who thinks that Ken Livingstone went off the boil a long time ago, while Naz Shah, who has never been a Corbyn supporter, ought never to have been allowed in public life in the first place.

But is Livingstone really one of Corbyn's oldest and closest friends and allies?

During one of Livingstone's two failed attempts to get onto the ballot for Leader, he announced Corbyn as his running mate for Deputy Leader without even having asked him first.

Whereas, at his own only attempt, Corbyn not only made it onto the ballot, but won the election itself by a mile, and has now suspended from very party membership the man who once thought of him as his office boy.

Watch your backs. And I mean that as compliment to man wielding the dagger.

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  1. Has John Mann ever read anything?