Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Trump, Trident, Trade Union Bill

The "7-Eleven" gaffe would have been career-ending in a Democrat, and perhaps even in any other Republican.

Opposition to Trident is going to be in the Scottish Labour manifesto.

What conceivable excuse is there now for wasting list votes on an SNP that is going to win most of the constituencies, thus qualifying for no list seats?

And the Government has dropped the abolition of check-off from the Trade Union Bill.

Onwards to the defeat of everything else in it, too.


  1. 7-Eleven" gaffe would have been career-ending in a Democrat

    No it wouldn't. People misspeak all the time.

    1. Not about that, they don't. And certainly not in that city.

  2. Of course they do-it was one number.

    You clearly don't undrestand the 24-hour electronic media whose job is to blow everything out of proportion.

    It wouldn't have been a story at all in the past.