Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A Whipping Post

Can you be a candidate for Leader of the Conservative Party while not in receipt of its Whip? Would you stand any chance of winning?

If David Cameron really cares tuppence about Hillsborough, then he will withdraw the Whip from Boris Johnson.

What would follow from that, would follow from that. Ho, hum.

As for the withdrawal of the Whip from Naz Shah, this is Jeremy Corbyn's opportunity to stamp his authority on those who were so desperate to remove, among other things, the pre-eminent pro-Palestinian politician in the Western world, that they were prepared to put up pretty much anyone at all against him, without anything so tiresome as vetting.

Shah comes across a racist and sexist stereotype. Is this woman of Pakistani extraction a doctor, as many of them are?

No, she is barely literate. But she has been chosen because she has a (highly contested) history as a victim of forced marriage and of domestic violence.

It is within the power of the House of Commons to expel a member, and the Conservatives have the majority with which to do it. But they will not use that majority.

They can do without yet another failure to capture what was one of their target seats a mere six years ago. They can do without the election of a pro-Corbyn Labour MP. Alternatively, they can do without the election of a Respect MP.

And, quite apart of the question of what many of them really think of Jews, it suits them down to the ground that the most prominent British Pakistani woman in Parliament should be barely literate and a professional, if even a genuine, victim, whose daft Internet comments prove that she has never been active in the Palestinian cause in her life, and who then apologises for them to the wrong people.


  1. Look at the recent poll of British Muslism attitudes to Jews and you'll see that Shah's virews are not-how shall we say?-unrepresentative of her community.

    We did warn the multicultural types that they wouldn't like it, if Islam started to gain political influence.

    Boris Johnson has done nothing wrong. He apologised for what was a perfectly reasonable-indeed, commonly-held-assumption at the time.

    No need to resign for merely having been wrong. We didn't have all the fact then.

    1. We all know what many people from David Cameron's background think of Jews, and they are the ones actually running the country.

  2. I'm no fan of hers, but the accusation of antisemitism is an out and out lie that Labour should ridicule.

  3. Anyone who needed Jess Phillips to make her case for her must be pretty f*cking inarticulate herself. How are these people MPs when you are not?

  4. Prove it. Mr Cameron has never said anything anti-semitic. But the polls show Shah's views are very commonplace among British Muslims.

    We did warn the left wing multiculturalists that when Islam started gaining political influence they wouldn't like it.

    From Cologne to Calais they are starting to see the folly of opening the door of Western civilisation to the Ialamic World.

    1. We remember the vilification of Ed and Ralph Miliband.

      And we have met upper-class people, you know. They are not all like that. But an awful lot of them are.