Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Share The Load

When the latest Dubs Amendment comes back to the Commons, then will the Government dare to vote it down?

There are a lot of bad things that could be said about Yvette Cooper. But she is spot on this time.

Of course it is not a criticism of our neighbours that their relevant institutions and resources are simply overwhelmed by all these unaccompanied children. As Britain's would be.

Britain would seek to share the load, and they are doing nothing other than the same.

We had the means and the will to bomb these children's countries. Supported by Yvette Cooper; see, I told you.

Therefore, we can find the means and the will to take them in, proportionally, in co-operation and co-ordination with our neighbours.

We can. We must. And we may now dare to hope that we will.


  1. They'll find some excuse to give in. They've lost this one.

  2. Yvette Cooper is a typical hypocritical simpering leftist who-when challenged on the radio-admitted she won't be taking into her own homes any of the "refugees" she urges on others.

    She wants everyone else to pay the cost of her preening liberal conscience.

    Letting in 3,000 migrants to Britain forms an open invitation to thousands more to journey-and in many cases, drown-on their way to Europe.

    Australia tried a different approach and stopped all the drownings by deterring them from coming in the first place.

    There is always a difference between trying to look good and actually doing good.

    1. Of course they are not being moved into the homes of the general public, you ridiculous little man.

      Even the Daily Mail is against you now.

      And the way to stop them from coming is to stop bombing your countries. We can always afford that. Yvette Cooper, take note.

  3. They are being moved into the kind of area Yvette Cooper and her sort of leftist do not live. If leftists wish to urge the country to take in migrants they can set an example by opening their own homes to them.

    If they don't they are just a pack of preening hypocrites.

    She pledged to open her home to refugees. So she made a rod for her own back when she spectacularly reneged on that pledge.

    The way to stop them coming is not to let them in.

    Doing so, will invite more of them to make the journey.

    Every subsequent drowning is on the Labour Party-and Yvette Cooper's-conscience.

    1. There are homes for otherwise homeless children, and they are infinitely better than they used to be.

      Children whose relatives are all dead, or what have you, are already not placed at random in the houses of MPs or whoever. There are facilities.

      There are more than enough of those facilities across Europe to cope with this. But there are nowhere near enough in any one country. Obviously.

  4. Giving 3,00 migrants who made it to Europe the automatic right to move here to Britain will incentivise thousands more to make the journey and, often, drown in the process.

    What part of that does the Labour Party not understand?

    Keir Starmer says he doesn't believe in the "pull factor."

    Well, Mr Starmer, how many have drowned since Angela Merkel did what you advise us to do, and opened the door to the Middle East?

    Well, exactly.

    1. "Incentivise"? What a funny little world you inhabit. Unlike the Daily Mail.

  5. Like Peter Hitchens, I speak the unfashionable truth about this. Truth is always unfashionable.

    But it's still true.