Thursday, 21 April 2016

Year Zero

"George Galloway is on 0 per cent, ha ha." Well, that is what happens when your name is not on the poll.

If they are going to do this, then they have to expect to look very silly when he gets any votes at all.

Khan at 48 means that anyone who gets two per cent of first preference votes will make all the difference.

Galloway has already done the "If you must" endorsement of a second preference vote for Khan. When Khan wins, then that will be how he did it.

And then, the Tooting by-election.

Perhaps on the same day as nine in the seats that the Tories won from the Lib Dems by cheating in the South West, and 17 in the seats that the Tories won from Labour by cheating in the North and the Midlands?

This year, there could be a hung Parliament, and George Galloway could be in it.

How quickly times can change.

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