Tuesday, 26 April 2016


It serves Naz Shah right.

Her comically unqualified, Jeremy Kyle-style candidacy was aggressively supported from Tel Aviv to the Manhattan of Louise Mensch, who flew in especially to support it.

Mensch has never been able to work out which party she was supposed to be in at any given time. Apart, that is, from Likud.

So, what says she today?

What says Jess Phillips, who, like Mensch, can cope with brown women if they know their place, but draws the line at black ones?

Notice that Israel is the only country in the world criticism of which is politically lethal in Britain. But Shah ought to have known that.

Sadiq Khan's bizarre "Festival of Tel Aviv" will be nothing but a focus for enormous anti-Israeli demonstrations. Is that what he wants?

Never mind relocation, to which Palestinians are no strangers.

At every level of the Conservative Party, and as the irreducible core principle of New Labour in international affairs, it is held that the Palestinians do not exist at all, that there are no such people.

The only figure who is allowed to exist in British public life while persistently challenging that assertion is the man whom Shah removed from Parliament with considerable overseas assistance and the active co-operation of members of the Conservative Party.

But even he used to be referred to by name, instead of as an Honourable Member, by the Prime Minister on the floor of the House.

Before that, the BBC and The Guardian had spent an entire Parliament treating as a major national figure the wealthy and well-connected, but otherwise unremarkable, person whose former seat he had won.

Oh, well, he will be back for Tooting soon enough. Like Bradford West, Tooting was a Conservative target in 2010.

George Galloway seems to be touring the places that illustrate the inability of the Conservative Party to win anywhere outside the suburbs and shires of the South East, at least without massive criminality that it does not even seek to deny.

That inability is not unrelated to practices such as murdering 96 of one's class and regional enemies in a single afternoon.

People really have been convicted of genocide for less than that. Including people who were merely part of the propaganda machine.

Bernard Ingham and Kelvin MacKenzie, convicted génocidaires? Now, there's a thought.

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  1. I can't work out whether you should have been John's PPS or you should have had something much bigger than that. Will Newsnight cover the fall of its heroine and apologise to the entire communities they helped each other defame?