Thursday, 21 April 2016

No One Expects Any Better

Ah, that Hillary Clinton.

Her improbable run of coin toss victories in Iowa. Her big win in long-infamous South Carolina. The purging of entire buildings from the electoral rolls in New York City, among numerous other flagrant abuses there.

But the fact is that no one expects any better of the Clintons. So they are always going to get away with it.

The Clintons invented the idea that, as long as you were uncomprisingly liberal on abortion (and now also on same-sex marriage, but that never used to be the case), then there was no outer right limit to your economic or foreign policy.

Or indeed to the rest of your social policy. Several of Bill Clinton's would make any of this year's Republican Presidential hopefuls blanch at least a little. They were where, when and how Tony Blair learned everything that he knew about such matters.

You could be as much of a Wall Street shill and a Gulf-directed hawk as you liked. The money would then pour in from Wall Street and the Gulf, enabling you to keep justice and peace off the agenda.

A generation later, the Clintons are still at it.

Margaret Thatcher supported legal abortion up to birth. So she, too, would have been good enough for the Clinton Democrats.

Except that she was a bit dovish for them on the world stage, and she presided over universal public healthcare at home.

They have no cause for any such concern about Hillary.

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