Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Caused and Contributed

Unlawful killing. All 96. Prosecutions for manslaughter must now be inevitable. Has at least one arrest already been made? If not, why not?

The News of the World went down for far less than this. The 2020 Election with no Sun, which had been gone for four years by then? Imagine that.

But the fight goes on.

In Britain alone, and our concern is most certainly not Britain alone, we still have Orgreave, Shrewsbury, Clay Cross, Wapping, Farepak, Remploy, the Liverpool Dockers, and the blacklisted construction workers and other trade unionists.

To name but a very, very, very few.


  1. Idiots who say that opening a gate should lead to "arrests" are the kind of people who should be very grateful they have never had the responsibility of being in charge of public safety at a huge event, and having to make split-second decisions at moments like that.

    Someone should be arrested for making a bad decision and opening a gate?

    It was a mistake, you moron. Which proves even the police at football matches are human.

    1. No, it was unlawful killing. That cannot be "a mistake". At least one trial, and we all know whose, is now inevitable. Nor is there any doubt what the verdict would be. Would he even have the effrontery to plead not guilty? If so, then a man of his age could expect to die in prison.

      In the meantime, honours have been forfeited for far less than Sir Norman Bettison and Sir Bernard Ingham have done. That could be taken care of this afternoon. And it should be.

      Alas, it is too late to forfeit the knighthoods that she arranged for Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Cyril Smith, Sir Laurens van der post, and her closest friend, Sir Jimmy Savile.

      Perhaps it is time for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission into the Britain of the 1980s?

    2. Bettison should lose his pension along with his knighthood.

    3. Ingham and Bettison would have been stripped of their knighthoods by now, just gone 2pm, if Cameron had not stolen 26 seats at the Election last year. The doctors wouldn't be on strike, either. The doctors on strike! This is the worst government EVER and it wasn't even lawfully elected! What a Third World banana republic Britain is, just like in the 80s when the government's class and regional enemies were mass murdered by the police.

  2. As you know, people are still dying of the injuries sustained from the police and army savages at several of the other things you list near the end, especially the miners' strike. People only joined the police and the army because the pits refused to employ them.

    The North and the working class, both killed as a matter of government policy at Hillsborough and so many other places, have waited 30 years. But our day has come. These gates are open. Vengeance for our Eighties dead is coming with full force. I am only sorry she never lived to feel that force.

  3. Duckenfield has disappeared off the face of the earth today. Guilty of perjury and perverting the course of justice at least. Both life sentences, considering he was a copper. Either offed himself or left the country. Either way, never coming back, I reckon.