Saturday, 9 April 2016


Really? I do not mean that question rhetorically.

Like Major before him, and like Thatcher before that, he has turned from their biggest asset to their biggest liability.

This whole business, so to speak, has well and truly united the Labour Party, with Wes Streeting and Dan Jarvis lining up behind Jeremy Corbyn.

The late Ian Cameron set up Blairmore Holdings in 1982, just 10 days after the Falkland Islands had been invaded. He did so in Panama, which supported Argentina.

Did he know that the Armed Forces were funded out of taxation? Does his son know that that is still the case?

Tax avoidance is an avoidance of responsibility for paying for the Armed Forces.

For that as for numerous other reasons, it is completely and utterly unpatriotic.

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  1. Reading this, I honestly wish you were Leader of the Labour Party.