Saturday, 9 April 2016

Biting The Big Apple

Donald Trump's 34-point lead will be, or will very closely approximate to, his eventual margin of victory in the New York Republican primary.

Yes, it is a Republican primary.

But did, for example, Pat Buchanan win New York by 34 points? Did Pat Buchanan win New York at all?

I hope that Trump has genuinely imbibed a certain amount of economic patriotism, of foreign policy realism, and (although this is far more difficult to do) of social conservatism.

He has never shown the slightest sign of any of those in the past. Quite the reverse, in fact.

But if he has, then we may look forward to their influence on his dealings once he returns to being that which, fundamentally and ultimately, he is.

A socially liberal plutocrat from, for, and utterly of one of the two most cosmopolitan cities that have ever existed.


  1. You quite like how cosmopolitan the other one is.

    1. I am there far less often than I would like.

  2. What is for certain is that if either Hilary or Bernie-the two leftwing pro Plannned Parenthood, pro immigration candidates, America is finished.

    The only thing Sanders is right about is his opposition to gun control.

    1. Take it up with the Pope.

      The Evangelical leadership, or at least the better educated section of it, might very well also endorse Sanders against Trump, if those were the nominees.

      For Sanders against Cruz, or for Clinton against Trump, a lot of them would just say nothing. And by saying nothing, say everything.

      Only Clinton against Cruz would look anything like what was normal until the very recent past.