Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Ill Matched

I have never used Internet dating. And will never now do so, since that was how John Whittingdale met his associate.

However remote, the prospect of running into either of those is enough to put me off it for life.

Oh, well, this is how Tory Governments always end.

In a deluge of dodgy financial dealings and weird sex.


  1. Agreed. But we all saw what happened the last time people were distracted from serious issues by an election campaign around sleaze and sex-they ended up with Tony Blair, New Labour. A Government that was in any case had just as many sleaze and sex scandals as its predecessor.

    Sleaze and sex, being aspects of human nature, are cross-party affairs.

    People who vote on the basis of either, are too stupid to have the franchise.

    1. No, the last time that it happened was over MPs' expenses. It comes round quite frequently. But yes, it is egregious. I can think of plenty of policy reasons to want rid of this Government.

  2. None of those "policy reasons" are reasons to vote for another pro-EU party in Parliament.

    But the idea that a Prime Minister's mother giving him a gift (or even some MP's over-claiming expenses) is considered a national political scandal here, shows how we alone still believe in the rule of law.

    They laugh at quaint old Britain's idea of a political 'scandal' in Continental countries where they have real corruption; like Italy, where their last Prime Minister was known as an active member of the Cosa Nostra.

    Or Greece, where journalists like Kostas Vaxevanis are jailed for exposing political corruption.

    In countries like that, they just shrug and sigh, regarding criminal corruption as part of life.

    They've never known any different.

    Thanks God we are not anything like that.

    1. You mean countries where they overthrow corrupt governments? In Britain, we are so pitiful and pathetic that Cameron is still there. Indeed, the world certainly does laugh at us. Well it might.

    2. And it does. But in Britain we know the police and the army will be turned on us if we take a moment off from our slave jobs to complain about anything. After 1900 years or so of that, it was different between 1945 and 1979. That was all we got, 34 years, then things went back to normal. They are definitely back to normal now, a land of cowed peasants terrified of saying anything no matter how crooked and cruel the Prime Minister is.

    3. Indeed. It is possible to see three epochs, from 1066 to 1945, from 1945 to 1979, and since 1979. Unless arrested in 2020, there is no reason why the accelerated regression inherent in the third epoch need ever end. The return of outright feudalism, albeit called something else, already looks more than probable within 50 years. Expect things like workhouses well within 20, and possibly 10.

    4. Spot on. We are well on the way back to the workhouse.