Thursday 23 August 2018

The Unexamined Life?

Congratulations to everyone on their GCSE results. 

But the school leaving age has effectively gone up to 18 (you have to be inside the system somewhere, whether you like it or not), so why do we still have GCSEs? 

We are far too preoccupied with examination in this country. Once in a while, we should try education instead. 

If we did that, then, among other good things, no one would be suggesting that the vote be given to people who were a full two years below the school leaving age.

1 comment:

  1. At least two of your closest political associates are still not 16 and most of them are young enough to be your sons, more than one has been mistaken for it. From time to time they even try and dress like you. Laura Pidcock went straight from university to Parliament and you have gone straight from university to retirement for 20 years after which you feel like being an MP. She, you and the Tories are on 30-30-30, what a choice. Bring on Dan Hodges.