Monday 27 August 2018

Just Flagging This Up

The Syrian Arab Army, which is itself 80 per cent Sunni Muslim, stands on the cusp of liberating Idlib from the Islamist head-choppers and heart-cutters who were so beloved of John McCain and who remain so beloved of David Aaronovitch.

Therefore, expect a false flag "chemical weapons attack" in Idlib in order to "justify" an "intervention". John Bolton has as good as said as much.

I am beginning to think, not only that Jeremy Corbyn should sue Aaronovitch, but that this time he really will.

Forcing Aaronovitch to defend under oath his doolally theory about the Warrington bombings would shed an important light on all of his many other excursions into transparent lunacy.

Down to, and including, the idea that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

By contrast, Corbyn passed the security vetting for the Privy Council. There is no answer to that. The claims made by Aaronovitch, and by Andrew Gilligan, cannot be true.


  1. Isn’t it amazing that Corbyn is only ever linked to groups such as Red Action containing terrorists who campaigned against the British state?

    The Right, by contrast, supported the Unionist cause.

    1. Who are now universally seen as The Problem.

      No one in Britain ever did regard Northern Ireland as part of "the British State". Not really. And they sure as hell don't now.