Monday 27 August 2018

British Journalism In 2018

Andrew Gilligan, or someone very close to him, edits the Wikipedia entry of an obscure political organisation from a long time ago.

Gilligan then immediately writes up that entry, thus edited, as an article that the Sunday Times proceeds to print, a decision for which even the best excuse is that, oh, well, it is August, I suppose.

David Aaronovitch then does the necessary on Twitter, trying to link Jeremy Corbyn to the Warrington bombings.

David Aaronovitch, who is himself very closely linked to people who really have done an awful lot of bombing, and that a lot more recently than 1993.

Of course, no one is taking any of this seriously. Like the "Labour MPs need bodyguards" nonsense, not even Guido has picked it up.

And even if it were true, which it so very obviously is not, then who would care? A couple of 80-year-old retired colonels and the man who is already in prison for the murder of Jo Cox.

The first two were never going to vote for Corbyn anyway, like Gillingan and Aaronovitch, while the third could not do so even if he wanted to, like Aaronivitch's mates once justice comes. 

As justice will come. Oh, yes, it will.

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