Tuesday 21 August 2018

A Crushing Blow?

All charges against Norman Bettison have been dropped. Justice for Hillsborough is absolutely dependent upon a fair trial for the remaining defendants, so there must be no further comment.

But if there is insufficient evidence to prosecute him, or no public interest in doing so, then there is certainly insufficient evidence to prosecute me, and no public interest in doing so.


  1. Like Tommy Robinson’s conviction being quashed amidst the Twitter outcry, his being cleared on all charges shows we still live in a society governed by the presumption of innocence and rule of law rather than the Continental style presumption of guilt and the rule of the mob.

    1. I very much doubt that he would thank you for that comparison. In any case, that was not at all what happened in relation to Tommy Robinson.

      If Twitter had anything to do with these things, then there would have been an entirely different outcome today.

  2. I wasn’t comparing them. I was comparing the fact both had been convicted in the court of public opinion (in advance of any actual evidence), by a baying mob. The judge in both cases noted that the charges were influenced by public pressure.

    The rule of law is never more important than when the defendant is publicly unpopular.

  3. I agree the charges against Bettison were due to political interference as I agree with the judge who said the utterly unjust nature of Robinson’s conviction was due to public pressure.

    Both judges deserve the highest commendations.