Sunday 19 August 2018

No Rehabilitation Order

The author of this uses the world class University College London, which therefore permits him to do so, as his base from which to promote eugenics.

He does so in league with a proponent of the rape of drugged children, while he himself is a self-confessed supplier of Class A drugs who dressed as a woman in order to assault lesbians sexually.

As for his own university career, he did not have the grades for Oxford, but his titled daddy rang up and got him in anyway, thereby taking someone else's place.

The rehabilitation of Toby Young is proceeding rapidly. Resist it.


  1. Eugenics isn't a bad idea, it just came too early. It will be back once we have the scientific knowledge, absolutely no doubt.

    1. In its own terms, it cannot have come to early. You have just negated your own position, right there.