Tuesday 28 August 2018

Mogged By Reality

Jacob Rees-Mogg has only been an MP since 2010, and although his party has been led by the Prime Minister throughout his time in Parliament, he has never been given any kind of office, despite the extremely low calibre of many of the people who have been.

His latest bizarre utterance, this time on Northern Ireland, needs to be seen in that light, as well as being recognised as yet another example of the fact that he simply does not come across as a Catholic at all to Catholics in general.

Culturally, he is just wrong: wrong region, wrong class, wrong party, wrong points of reference (Book of Common Prayer, King James Bible, Victorian Anglican hymnody), and now wildly wrong views on Ireland.

But then, the Unionists, broadly the existence of Unionism at all but more specifically the DUP, are now universally regarded as The Problem.

No one in Britain is happy about being ruled by this utterly foreign combination of religious fanaticism and jaw-dropping financial corruption, which gobbles up money insatiably while roaring abuse at anyone who has the temerity to question its entitlement.

This is all enunciated in the heaviest Irish accents in the world. That is the key to understanding why no one in Britain ever did regard Northern Ireland as quite British, really. And they sure as hell don't now.

If pushed, most people never saw it as British at all, and they were baffled at its own definition of the term even in those days.

Never mind today, when the Swastika is flown alongside the Israeli flag on the Twelfth, apparently as an expression of British loyalty, identity and culture.

In that context, no one cares about Jeremy Corbyn and events aeons ago.

If anything, the success of all of that would have spared us what we have to endure now, rule by Swastika-wavers with their hands in the till.

And since the side with which Corbyn was associated is now within an ace of victory anyway, why did we fight it back in the day? What for? So that we could end up being ruled by the DUP?

On both counts, we would have saved an awful lot of everything if we had simply never bothered. We never really wanted to.

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