Tuesday 28 August 2018

Defiling and Demeaning

The New Statesman, which with The Guardian and The Observer is the great redoubt of Liberal bitterness that the Labour Party was ever founded, has an interview with the perfectly hysterical Lord Sacks. As if anyone cared what he thought.

"Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth" is a ridiculous vanity title. The United Synagogue, which as the bearer of that moniker Sacks used to head, has 40,000 members, in a country of 66 million. There are 270,000 Jews in the United Kingdom, never mind in the Commonwealth.

Therefore, two points needs to be made a lot more often.

First, Sacks was, as the ubiquitous Ephraim Mirvis is, the Chief Rabbi of about one in seven British Jews, if that. And secondly, all British Jews are far less numerous than the 313,209 people who voted in 2016 to keep Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party.

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