Thursday 30 August 2018

Not Conducive To The Public Good

Practically everyone who has given to Alex Salmond's crowdfunder voted for the party that provides the Government that he is crowdfunding in order to take to court. Salmond's message to the SNP is clear: you are nothing without me.

And if Salmond can raise that much overnight in order to take the Scottish Government to court, then how much could Jeremy Corbyn raise in a week in order to sue David Aaronovitch or Jonathan Sacks?

Sacks is the most right-wing member of either House of Parliament, unless you can think of anyone else who has been a speechwriter for Mike Pence, or who has led a riotous Death To The Arabs march through the streets of East Jerusalem. Therefore, of course he hates Corbyn. So what?

In fact, Sacks, who is a British Citizen, has been appointed to the House of Lords when someone of a different nationality, but who held the same opinions and who had the same record, would be banned from entering the United Kingdom. 

That is not a theoretical point, since the late Rabbi Meir Kahane was indeed banned from entering the United Kingdom.

The rules work in reverse for Muslims. In Blackburn, Bradford or Birmingham, you would be arrested and interned, not necessarily without cause, for the expression of views that in Idlib would earn you the financial, military, and every other support of the British State.

Hindus seem to occupy a grey area. Tapan Ghosh, who by the way is at least as violently opposed to Christians in Bengal as he is to Muslims, has been hosted at the House of Commons by Bob Blackman MP, who is an old enemy of Nelson Mandela's.

Alongside such moral authorities as George Carey, Blackman serves as an Honorary Patron of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is now under Police investigation for death threats against Corbyn.

Along with Mike Freer and Matthew Offord, Blackman is one of three Conservative MPs to serve as Honorary Patrons of the Campaign Against Antisemitism while having been elected with the support of Operation Dharmic Vote, which was the only too successful campaign to repeal the ban on caste discrimination.

It will be interesting to see whether any of Ghosh's British wannabes is raised to the peerage. If so, then they will join on the red benches Britain's most prominent and influential preacher of hate, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Baron Sacks. A platform in the New Statesman would doubtless then be provided.

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