Friday 31 August 2018

Centre Forward?

From New York, David Miliband has invited John Major to deliver something called the South Shields Lecture, which is apparently still within his gift. South Shields is the only constituency created since 1832 that has never elected a Conservative MP. But hey, ho. It is all taking shape. 

Normal people, by definition, do not care about Brexit. I do, but I have never claimed to be normal. Did the Lib Dems get 16 million votes? Well, there you are, then. Normal people, by definition, do not care about Brexit.

Speaking of the Lib Dems, why do the proponents of a new "centre" party not join the one that already exists? Well, the Lib Dems did have the wit to oppose the Blair Government on Iraq and on civil liberties. So there is no love lost there.

In fact, the Lib Dems are often among the most vigorous local opponents of the municipal Labour Right's incomparable viciousness, from the Haringey Development Vehicle to the treatment of the County Durham Teaching Assistants.

I would be glad if this new party happened, as I would be glad if there were to be a right-wing breakaway from the Conservatives, since each of them would get less than five per cent of the vote, and since neither of them would be the First Past the Post in any constituency. Then we might no longer have to listen to them, although I admit that that might be asking a bit much.

Meanwhile, as of this morning, Frank Field is not a member of the Labour Party. Publicly threatening to stand against Labour, at any level, is an autoexclusion, meaning that you are out and that you are banned for five years from coming back.

And The Guardian is doing its bit for media diversity by carrying two articles on Frank Field, one by Owen Jones and the other by Wes Streeting. I can only assume that this is supposed to be an in-joke. So to speak. Oh, well, in the words of Ben Sellers, "I don't think either of them enjoyed it very much."

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