Thursday 30 August 2018

Don't Be Mistaken, Don't Be Misled

The wrong right-wingers are leaving the Labour Party. The gloating in certain quarters is out of place.

From Birkenhead to Vauxhall, the Momentum teenagers are doing the Blairites' job for them. Frank Field nominated Jeremy Corbyn for Leader, and Kate Hoey, who voted to keep Corbyn as Leader, says that she trusts him on Brexit more than she trusts anyone in the Conservative Party. Oh, well, at least neither of them is going to be joining any new "centrist" party.

It tolls for thee. It always tolls for thee. This is one of several reasons why Stephen Guy of the decidedly non-adolescent and non-hipster Durham Miners' Association needs to be elected to the Labour Party's National Executive Committee and to its National Policy Forum. By all means vote for eight NEC candidates of your choice from the "official" Left slate, or for seven and Ann Black. But make sure that you also vote for him.

As for Field, Hoey, Graham Stringer (who would also be a loss) and John Mann (rather less so), they made a tactical calculation on the Customs Union that would not have been mine, as it was not Dennis Skinner's or Ronnie Campbell's. It is simply impossible, by definition, to be more Euroscpetical than those two, and least of all if you are still away with the myth of Margaret Thatcher.

Saving a Conservative Government, and especially one as bad as this, was a very bad look for a Labour MP, and keeping Brexit in the hands of Theresa May and Olly Robbins, instead of Jeremy Corbyn and everyone who would come with him, was if anything an even worse look for a Brexiteer. But if the Blairites are permitted to purge the traditional Right, then they will not stop there.

Mercifully, though, there is going to be another hung Parliament, and we need our people to hold the balance of power in it. I need £10,000 in order to stand for Parliament with any chance of winning. My crowdfunding page has been taken down without my knowledge or consent. But you can still email instead, and that address accepts PayPal.


  1. Why doesn't Corbyn stand up for himself? Every time one of these liars surfaces, he should challenge them to a fight.