Tuesday 16 February 2016

Thinning At The Crown

Isn't he just? I remember when he was Prince William.

I don't know what the Thatcherite, Faragiste tendency can possibly see, either in the monarchy in principle, or in the Royal Family themselves.

They are products of cousin marriage within an ethnic minority, and one based on the Continent at that, with a fairly recent history of waging war against Britain even, in at least one case, despite having been born here.

That one did it twice, and he did not die until the present reign in the Britain to which he had been Nazi Germany's Ambassador, but which he was by then forbidden to visit.

The Queen herself has signed everything that has been put in front of her since 1952. That is what she is for. But nevertheless, she has always done it.

I am a monarchist. But I have no idea why anyone on the Right still is.

All neoconservative thought presupposes American republicanism, or at least a certain idea of it, as the universal norm.

The leading paleoconservative material is also now being produced within, for and about the United States, for all the paleocons' touching insistence that they remain Anglophiles at heart, and for all their flirtations with European Catholic monarchism of various hues.

Watch that space.

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