Sunday 21 February 2016

Coverage In The West

Peter Hitchens writes:

A friend of mine who bravely goes to terrifying war zones, but has a lot of common sense even so, is amused by the Western media’s continued belief (encouraged by David Cameron) in ‘moderate’ Muslim groups supposedly fighting against Syria’s President Assad. 

My friend asks: ‘If these journalists really believe these people are moderate, why do they not go into the zones they control and report from there?’ 

And he answers his own question with a wry smile: ‘Because they know perfectly well that within ten minutes of arriving, they’d be trussed up in a car boot and well on their way to the badlands of Syria or Iraq, never to be seen again.’ 


Remember we were told that the great Kiev ‘spontaneous’ protests of two years ago were all about ending corruption?

Well, corruption in chaotic Ukraine is now so bad that the economy minister, brought in from abroad to combat dishonesty, has just resigned in frustration. 

The International Monetary Fund is threatening to cut lending unless more is done to fight corruption. 

Fat chance. Ukraine is corrupt, much as the Atlantic Ocean is wet. 

The 2014 outbreak was a putsch and its real target Russia. Now it’s gone wrong, coverage in the West has virtually stopped.

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