Saturday 20 February 2016

Remains To Be Seen

Three Cabinet Ministers of whom only we political anoraks have ever heard (although even Nick Robinson managed to get one of their names wrong), two whom everyone despises, and someone who is not in fact a Cabinet Minister at all.

Ranged against more numerous persons of at least equal obscurity who are also apparently members of the Cabinet or attendees at its meetings. Who knew? Did even they know? Do they know now?

Compare and contrast the giant, legendary figures who slugged it out from within the Wilson Cabinet in 1975.

Consider the famous live Panorama debate between Roy Jenkins and Tony Benn. What will poor David Dimbleby have to chair this year?

The press pack is waiting with baited breath for the opinion of ... Boris Johnson!

But a national referendum itself, never mind a suspension of collective responsibility, is a mark of a weak and weakening Prime Minister.

The Harold Wilson of the 1960s would never have countenanced such a thing for one second.

Yet this will be David Cameron's second. The first was a year after he entered office, and the second will be no more than a year before he leaves.

Weak from the beginning. Weak to the end.

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