Thursday 25 February 2016

The Last Trump

Like all the paleo boys whom he so very largely turned into a movement, Ron Paul would rather die than vote for Donald Trump.

Well, of course.

But the whole thing is ultimately academic. Trump could not conceivably win a Presidential Election.

After Romney, McCain, and the decidedly Pyrrhic Dubya, a Trump nomination would be the fourth and final nail in the coffin of the Republican Party.

At best, from its own point of view, it would be beaten to a pulp by Hillary Clinton. But any Democratic nominee would defeat Trump just as comprehensively.

Including, just imagine it, Bernie Sanders.

The Bernie Sanders whom the paleo boys are going to have to back, if they are not already doing so, in the absence of Rand Paul.

I told you so. I told you at least seven years ago that all of this would happen.

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