Monday 15 February 2016

No Place For Gentle People

Peter Hitchens lays into, primarily, the libertarian Right: 

The Economist, the bumptious and self-satisfied weekly journal of war, money and greed, far more often wrong about the world than it is right, has come out emphatically in favour of legalising marijuana. 

Perhaps this will at last alert the soppy vegan Fairtrade types, who bizarrely support the slick, billionaire-backed Big Dope campaign, that they are on the wrong side. 

The pathetic rump of the Liberal Democrats, now pursuing this greasy, irresponsible cause, should also know better. 

I have always thought it odd that people who are (rightly) worried about the ruthless conglomerates who cram us with deadly hamburgers and lethal fizzy drinks, and who (reasonably) regard Big Tobacco as Satan made flesh, ally with Big Dope. 

The product which Big Dope so irresponsibly promotes is increasingly correlated with irreversible mental illness, a scourge that has already scarred many families. 

That’s surely worse than anything a cheeseburger can do. 

And Big Dope, now backed by many politicians who hope to levy heavy taxes on human greed, grief and folly, is one of the most unscrupulous and most avaricious of all the lobbies now operating on this planet.

It’s no place for gentle people.


  1. The libertarian Right were not, last time I checked, "soppy vegan Fairtrade types".

    Methinks you're a litle mixed up on who his intended audience is, here.

  2. The Murdoch papers have been openly in favour of legalisation for years and have you ever read an anti-legalisation article in a Telegraph Group title? Must have been a long time ago. The only articles published on this subject are pro-legalisation ones. Drug legalisation has been the number one priority of the Thatcherite right since the 70s and they all live by their principles on this one.

  3. Cameron was suspended from Eton for cannabis, Osborne is a notorious coke head, and the list goes on.