Sunday 21 February 2016

The Blond Bombsite

I am thoroughly enjoying the derision with which Boris Johnson's sudden conversion to the anti-EU cause is being greeted by all sides tonight.

The many sides of the Leave campaign are making no bones about not wanting him, and about not trusting him as far as they can spit in his opportunistic, buffoonish face.

His allies and associates are briefing openly that he is as pro-EU as he has always been, but that, as we all knew, he fancies becoming Conservative Leader, and thus Prime Minister, in this Parliament.

Don't waste your time on his Telegraph article. It is quite sad that he has been reduced to that. Not that he was ever very good. But he did at least used to be better than that.

A politician for many years, and a political journalist for decades, he has allegedly only just made up his mind about the EU.

As ever, therefore, he deserves to be treated with absolutely no seriousness at all.

This time, it seems that he is finally getting what he deserves.


  1. The Independent's front page is spot on: "Out for himself".

  2. Read his Telegraph piece before I read this, you're right, it's awful. Anybody else's copy like that, anybody's, would have been spiked.

    1. It put me oddly in mind of Honest to God, which was written by a man who knew nothing of the metaphysical tradition.

      Johnson has never previously expressed the slightest interest in the EU either way, but now he wants to be Prime Minister on the back of his sudden opposition to it.

  3. Johnson is one of the few very well-known, popular and well-liked politicians in the Leave campaign. It's a huge coup. His conversion was warmly welcomed by UKIP's Nigel Farage and Labour's Kate Hoey MP on BBC's Andrew Marr Show.

    1. He is not popular, well-liked, or arguably even well-known, as a politician.

      Most people have a vague concept that this clown does a bit of it as part of his act, the way Screaming Lord Sutch used to do, but nothing more than that. No one outside London can stand him.

      He is better-liked that Michael Gove or Iain Duncan Smith? Is that now the bar? Oh, well, it looks as if none of the Leave campaigns will have anything to do with him, so there is that.