Tuesday 16 February 2016


What is Michael Fallon doing in the Falkland Islands, which are a very long way from, say, Syria?

Reassuring them? Reassuring them about what, exactly?

This Government has cut defence, real defence rather than toys, so far that a second Falklands War would be impossible. The question of whether or not there would be the political will for one does not even arise.

Realising what they have done, if we assume that they have not done it on purpose, the Cabinet is travelling to the other end of the world in order to engage in the grand old British, and especially Tory, tradition of earnestly shaking people's hands and nodding at them while cutting the ground from under their feet.

"Always be an enemy of the British. They buy their enemies. But they sell their friends." The whole world cannot be wrong about that one.

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